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stock picking vs etf

Stock Picking vs ETFs

Stock Picking vs ETF – What’s Better for Beginners? If you want to start investing in individual stocks, keep in mind that it is not a walk in the park. There are over 2800 stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Picking a handful few to invest in is not an easy task. When you mention someone about… Read More »Stock Picking vs ETFs

how the stock market works

How the Stock Market Works

How Does The Stock Market Work? Have you ever wondered ‘How does the Stock Market work? Who enables these buy and sell orders? Investors pay a particular price to buy a share, but do you know how the stock price is determined? You probably already know about ‘Supply and Demand’, so how does it govern the price of a stock?… Read More »How the Stock Market Works

what is theta of a stock option

The Greeks: Theta and Vega of a Stock Option

The greeks, such as Theta and Vega, of stock options help us explain the price of the stock option contract. These are theoretical concepts, which are directionally correct, but the option price changes are not guaranteed to follow any exact ‘formula’. In this post we will explore the concept of theta of a stock option and also understand what Vega is. What… Read More »The Greeks: Theta and Vega of a Stock Option