Stock Order Types

Stock Order Types As investors, we must know about various tools available to us for controlling the buying and selling price of a stock. Unfortunately, many investors just use the plain ‘buy/sell’ options, not fully utilizing the array of stock […]

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Levels in Options Trading

Levels In Options Trading

Why are There Levels in Options Trading? Trading Stock Options is risky. Options provide leverage, that can make quick gains for the traders, but can also make quick losses for them. Brokerages set up levels in options trading as a […]

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how to buy a put option

How To Buy A Put Option (Stock Option)?

What is a Put Option? Before we go to the ‘How to buy a put option’ guide, let’s quickly recap what a put option is. As the name suggests, a put ‘option’ is a contract that gives you the option […]

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options trading strategies

Options Trading Strategies

What are the Popular Options Trading Strategies? Few of the most popular options trading strategies are the following: Covered call option strategy. Bull put spread option strategy. Bear put spread option strategy. Primer: Quick read on Call Options and Put […]

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